Sidux 2008-04 released

In case you have nothing more interesting to do during the holiday season, you might like to test the new release of Sidux.

Sidux is a distribution based on Debian Sid. It requires a CPU of at least Pentium II class, but otherwise the requirements are not too demanding:

Intel Pentium pro/ Pentium II
AMD K7 Athlon (not K5/ K6)
VIA C3-2 (Nehemiah, not C3 Samuel or Ezra)/ C7
any x86-64/ EM64T capable CPU or newer; the full i686 command set is required.
≥192 MB RAM, ≥ 512 MB RAM for liveapt.
VGA graphics card capable of at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
optical disk drive or USB media.
≥3 GB HDD space, ≥10 GB recommended.

Merry Christmas from Finland!


gbarules2999 said...

I'd say the requirements are even lower than that if you use the Xfce disc - those are for KDE. It also comes with fluxbox.

Anonymous said...

I tried the xfce version... and it booted and operated so slow on both computers I tried it on (P4@1.7Ghz and 2xP4@3.0Ghz) that I gave up. I may DL the base version and try again.