Lightweight Linux reader statistics

Now that I've been blogging here for about six months, it is interesting to see what kind of readers I have found according to StatCounter's free counter and statistics service.

At the moment the blog has about 170-180 readers every day. Most of them find their way here by googling "lightweight linux" or some other keywords.

The most popular web browser are Firefox 3.0 (52 %), Firefox 2.0 (8 %), Internet Explorer (8 %) and Opera (8 %). Some readers use more lightweight browsers like Dillo (0.4 %) or Opera (0.4 %). Someone has even used iPhone (0.4) for reading Lightweight Linux!

Not everyone is using Linux as the following statistics show. First column gives the number of visitors out of 500 last visitors, the second column is the percentage.










Someone has even used SunOS - cool!

The screen resolution tells also something about the age of the hardware used. About 25 % of my readers use the nowadays rather limiting resolution of 1024 x 768. Some of the readers are still using a 800 x 600 resolution. It seems at least they are really looking for information about using Linux on an old computer. What kind of hardware do You use for reading Lightweight Linux?


200proof said...

Acer Aspire One Netbook is what brought me here. What do you think about Swiftfox? I like it because it lets me use my FF addins, but idk how it compares to other light weight browsers.

Mikko said...

I have not yet tried it, but I'll install Swiftfox as soon as I'm in another town where my Pentium 1 GHz is located at the moment :-)

Pax said...

I've been testing a number of lightweight Linux distros lately. With every new distro I run, I do a search for that distro's name. This time it's Tinycore Linux that led me here (page 3 from a google search for "tinycore linux")

I think virtualization software might have something to do with screen resolution also. Almost all pre-tweaked startups leave me at 1024x768. Writing now from Tinycore within Virtualbox.

Using Firefox now after testing Opera first. Both run much, much faster in virtualization within Tinycore than they do on my own system (XP). Amazing what a bloated OS will do to the applications it's suppose to serve.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as you've suggested, I was googling Lightweight Linux. I was looking for a distro for my Toshiba Satellite 2180, and for some of my other old laptops that top out at 32 or 64 mb, with small disks.

A screen res of 800x600 is the best it gets for me I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I discovered this blog through Google Reader suggestion on my Reader home page. I never would have searched for light weight linux.

I have been looking for a light weight linux disto myself for a few weeks now to run on a secondary computer, as a media center/server. I've tried out a few like archlinux, tinyme and DSL. Found tiny me to be easier to install and run. Another good one is supposed to be Linux for you.

zmjjmz said...

I could be using anything, but my netbook at 1024x600 is one of them.