Pekwm is an excellent window manager for old computers

I like to test new window managers every now and then. I decided to dedicate my desktop to pekwm this week.

I had never tried pekwm before. In fact, I am not even sure if I had ever heard about it before. This very lightweight window manager has been a most pleasant surprise for me. Even my old Pentium III (1.0 GHz with 256 Mb) has no difficulties in providing a very usable desktop with this window manager.

You can find many nice themes for pekwm in Just download the theme and unpack it to ~/.pekwm/themes. Right-click the root window and select Pekwm, Themes to change the theme.

The clock shown is the classic xclock and the dock is wbar. Wbar is still in beta stage but already pretty useful piece of software.

More information about installing and tweaking pekwm can be found in the Ubuntu forum and in Urukrama's weblog.

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