The Economist recommends netbooks with Linux

It is always a pleasure to see mainstream publications advocate free software.

This time the widely read The Economist recommends netbooks with Linux. Furthermore, the author of the article sees no point in installing Windows instead of Linux:

Yet increasing the specification only makes sense for people who want to run (and to pay for) Windows and specific Windows-based applications. The extra hardware and software costs start to push the price of a netbook towards that of a standard laptop, which will invariably be better because it has a bigger processor and superior graphics. For many users, the basic, free software shipped with a netbook will be quite enough.


nuttymango said...

I'd love to have a new netbook but I'm stuck with my old PIII 800Mhz laptop with 192MB RAM. So I really like your blog and wanted to express my appreciation.

I just haven't had time to read it lately but I'll try to put it at the top of my daily reading list for a while.

I'm really happy dual booting Dreamlinux 3.5-rc4 and Linux Mint but browsers on either OS slow down with 10 or more tabs open. I'm thinking about buying three 256MB SODIMMs from ebay but I don't want to put much money into such an old laptop.

I'm also toying with the idea of fixing up old PIII laptops and giving them away to low-income people who don't have computers.

Happy Holidays,

Lee from Concord, NH USA

MikJP said...

It's always great to get some response from the readers! Most of my 150 daily readers never drop a line...

BTW, I never have more than a few tabs open in Firefox. I didn't think this P1000 (256 Mb) would handle >10 tabs at the same time :-)