Ttylinux is a distribution for 486s with 8 mb

Quite accidentally, I found the homepage for ttylinux. Ttylinux is a minimalistic Linux distribution that should run on just about any old computer you still have somewhere. Once the system is installed, the memory requirement is reduced to about 8-10 Mb. This can be reduced by installing a minimalistic custom kernel by hand. With a minimal 2.4.x kernel configuration, for example, the memory usage can be cut to about 5-6 Mb.

The minimal requirements are really low:
  • 486SX processor or better
  • 5 MB of RAM
  • 8 MB for hard disk installation
  • modem or ISDN card for Internet dial-out)
The download presents no problems even for those who still use dial-up connection as the size of the ISO image is only 4.3 Mb.

Ttylinux is not meant for novice users, but if you are an experienced user you might like to try building a custom system based on this minimalistic distribution.

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