More (Mostly) Linux Discussion Forums

And here follow ten more discussion forums for mostly different Linux distributions but also for OpenSolaris and BSDs. As a general rule, I would say that if the forum for a certain distribution is not active, I would not recommend the distribution for a complete newbie.

Newbies should probably choose some of the more mainstream distributions even when installing Linux on an old computer. After some experience with installing and using Linux, it is much easier to solve to possible problems presented by some niche distributions.
  1. Sabayon
  2. TinyME
  3. Absolute
  4. Frugalware
  5. Fluxbuntu
  6. LinuxConsole
  7. Ultimate Edition
  8. OpenSolaris
  9. OpenGEU
  10. BSDnexus (all BSDs)
See also my previous posting that lists 27 different Linux and BSD discussion forums. If I missed your distribution's discussion forum, just send a comment in the comment box.

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