Linux (and BSD) Discussion Forums - Right Forum for Right Distribution

Linux discussion forums exist for practically every distribution. They are a useful source of information both for newbies and more experienced users.

Many newbies don't realize they should probably send their questions to the relevant discussion forum instead of posting only to the Ubuntu Forum's discussions for other distributions. Usually the more knowledgeable users can be found in the right forum.

The following is a pretty random selection of the discussion forums for the most important distributions.
  1. for general Linux discussion.
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian
  4. openSUSE
  5. Mint
  6. Fedora
  7. PCLinuxOS
  8. Mandriva
  9. CentOS
  10. Damn Small Linux
  11. Slackware (
  12. Slackware
  13. Zenwalk
  14. Vector Linux
  15. Dreamlinux
  16. Mepis
  17. Elive
  18. Arch
  19. Gentoo
  20. Foresight
  21. DeLi
  22. Slitaz
  23. Sidux
  24. (BSD)
  25. PC-BSD
  26. DesktopBSD
  27. Puppy Linux
Edit: Because of popular demand, I added the forum for Puppy Linux!


Anonymous said...

Where is puppylinux inyour list?

alienjeff said...

The correct URL for the Puppy Linux discussion forum is: