TinyMe 2008.1 Beta Release

TinyMe is a lightweight remaster of PCLinuxOS. The project has just released a beta version of the forthcoming stable release 2008.1. Now you have a great chance to help building a lightweight Linux distribution that is extremely well suited for old computers. See the release announcement for more information.


LVF said...

BTW, have you checked out my TinyXS remaster/remix of TinyMe 2008.0 ?

TinyXS detail

MikJP said...

Not yet. The links seems pretty slow... :-)

LVF said...

The TinyXS torrent is from late July so there probably aren't many active seeds.

There is a direct download here:

TinyXS download

When TinyMe 2008.1 goes final I will make a new version of TinyXS.

It will basically be the TinyMe 2008.1 distro plus my preference for the most common software additions, a bit of customization, a few common wireless drivers, etc. that will fit on a standard CDROM ISO.