VectorLinux 6.0 Light

VectorLinux is a distribution based on Slackware. The project has now released a new 6.0 Light version of the distribution. From the release notes:
Light is aimed at users with some Linux experience. It is biased towards technical simplicity and high performance. Based on VL6.0 Standard, the most resource hungry applications have been removed or replaced with lighter alternatives. Running services are kept to a minimum.

The requirements for the latest release are pretty low:
It is recommended that your system meets these requirements:
Pentium 200 or better compatible processor (i586 and up).
64 MB of memory - but 128 MB will greatly improve performance.
Hard disk space: 2 GB for an install with X-window system, Internet and multimedia applications. 3 GB for "everything". Absolute minimum is 1.1 GB.

Download the ISO.


Red and White said...

I always WANT to like VL; I like the colour scheme, I like the friendly folk on the VL forums, I like the layout of the system. But that's where it stops because sadly, VL is just too bloated, even the light version is nearly as big as Ubuntu!
They call it choice when they give three apps that do the same thing but to me this is bloat. I also find some things strange such as using Reiser FS as a default format choice and a confusing control panel.

Mikko said...

VL is not the lightest distro available, but it runs a lot better than Ubuntu or Xubuntu with my P1000 / 256 MB RAM.

If there are too many apps, you can always uninstall the unnecessary ones or do a minimal install of Slack and add the necessary apps one by one :-)