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In the last two weeks, I've been too busy to blog because of my studies. The exams took all my time and I simply couldn't find time to test anything new. Fortunately, I can recommend many interesting new articles published elsewhere.

If you don't follow K. Mandla's excellent blog, you should at least read his new series of articles about how he used a P100 with 16 Mb RAM for a week. You might not want to follow his example, but at least you should read about what can be done with any old computer you most probably have somewhere collecting dust.

One week at 100Mhz: I found a desk | One week at 100Mhz: Hardware hopscotch | One week at 100Mhz: Slow is as slow does, Mrs. Blue | One week at 100Mhz: Scary power failures | One week at 100Mhz: Paradigm shifts | One week at 100Mhz: X-less and not a hiccup | One week at 100Mhz: Lessons learned

Next some new distribution releases:
* ZevenOS 1.1 has been released. Download ISO 679 MB.

* SliTaz, the amazing distro under 30 Mb download has released a new test release for version 2.0. Download the ISO image from here (28.6 Mb).

And probably the most surprising news of the last week or two has been the announcement of Desktop NetBSD project. NetBSD has been known as the hard core unix that can be run on any hardware including the toaster. Now some afficionados intend to build a user friendly desktop out of NetBSD, which so far has been known as the choice of command line aficionados.

* Desktop NetBSD

If you have old useless computers that have more exotic CPU than an ordinary Pentium or compatible processors, you most probably can run NetBSD on it. See the official documentation for more information.

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