How to install binary applications in NetBSD (day 5)

Today I learned how to configure the NetBSD package management system for installing precompiled binaries. I immediately installed some new console applications to my system.

After reading some good and some excellent NetBSD documentation, I was ready to export some environment variables as I had learned that it would be necessary for the package management to function. After experimenting and correcting some typos in the command line options I decided to add the tweaks to the root's .profile.

I decided to open the file:

vi .profile

It took me three seconds to realize, that I only had to uncomment a line in order to be able to install binaries from the I wonder why I bother to read the fine documentation, if everything I need to know can really be read in the comment lines of the configuration files.

Now new applications can be installed with a simple command:

pkg_add -v screen

Cool, isn't it?

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