WindowMaker Dockapps

WindowMaker is one of my favorite window managers as my regular readers might remember. WindowMaker is simple, strong, and lightweight. Just the right combination for my old hardware.

WindowMaker in itself is pretty simple and does not provide any widgets or gadgets out of the box. But its functionality can greatly be enhanced by different dockapps that exist for just about every possible use. I rarely need anything special but if I would ever want to have a fractal graphics program running in a dockapp I would have no difficulties in finding, installing and running one.

The screenshot shows several dockapps in action. From left to right there is wmcalclock, wmmixer, wmrecord, wmload, wmtop, wmmand, and wmcube. If these dockapps cannot be installed with the help of the package management of the distro you use, you can of course install them from the sources. All the dockapps can be browsed in

If you have never used WindowMaker, it is certainly worth a try.

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r0y said...


how to make icons on windowmaker borderless (no frame)? culd anyone help? thank you


Mikko said...

I don't have a clue :-)