VectorLinux 6.0 RC2

For some months, I've been using Vector Linux 5.9 on my second desktop machine that I in fact use more than my better desktop. I've been very happy with the performance it provides and I'm looking forward to the next release. It should become soon available, as the project has just released the second release candidate version of the distribution.

See the release notes for more information.


Red and White said...

Interesting. I was using VL for a couple of dasys and felt it was OK. Then I read this and talked myself out of it. It's still hard for me to judge what is bloated and what is not so I have to rely on other people such as yourself at the moment.

Mikko said...

If it is OK there is no point in changing distro just because of some blog posting. Not even because of my blog postings :-)

BTW, Slackware was not able to correctly set up the X for my hardware. It is of course a great distro, if the user is willing to spend some time to get proprietary codecs in place.

VL provides them out of the box. OTOH, if one does not need them, it does not matter.

So it all depends on the user's needs.