Busy Weekend: Localizing OpenSUSE 11.1

Last weekend was pretty busy for me, and I had no time for any of my lightweight Linux systems as I spent my free time with translating openSUSE's setup tool YaST. It seems there is more and more to be translated every release, and unfortunately some of the original English texts are not very easy to understand.

Last time we missed a few important bugs in the translations. I hope this time more people would install the last betas and actively try to inform the respective localization teams for mistakes found. See the Road map for more information about the timetable.

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Anonymous said...

I have created a Multimedia Pack portable for OpenSUSE, the included programs and codecs are:

1) VLC
2) Mplayer
3) Smplayer
4) Amarok
6) K9copy
7) Avidemux
8.) ffmpeg
9) w32codec
10) Gstreamer *
11) K3B - K3BCodec
12) Libdvdcss
13) xine - libxine1*
14) Kdvdcreator
15) Winff
16) mjpegtools
17) Acetoneiso

you can install any of the above without internet, they include all the dependencies, just unzip the both files into a folder named MMP2009 and create a repository from that folder as a simple rpm folder in yast, then make a search in the yast installer with the name of the program and check it to install it, this is very important if you don`t have internet at home, and besides, by default Open Suse doesn`t include several codecs due to license matters.

I created a blog about the MMP2009 where you can download the pack: