News: low end hardware from Asus

The trend of producing new low specs hardware for sustainable and affordable computing seems to continue as new products are coming to market.

Asus has been famous for its hugely popular Eee PC laptops with preinstalled Linux. Now Asus has published a low end desktop computer, Eee Box. These should be energy efficient and have a low carbon footprint. Unfortunately, at the moment Eee Boxes come with a preinstalled Windows XP which is probably the reason for rather high announced price (£199 or €251). Boxes with preinstalled Linux should follow later.[1]

I am not quite sure whether a computer with 1.66 GHz CPU and 1 GB of memory should be regarded as low end hardware. Most of the world seems to think it should - but I'm still using hardware with even lower specs as my main desktop and laptop. And I am not even considering buying new hardware just because of new OS releases.

[1] Not such a little revolution in Desktop Computing " (29.8.2008)

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