Back in business

During the last months, I've been busy creating my own start-up business as web copywriter. Starting a business and studying at the same time has demanded a lot of my time which means I have had few moments available for non-profitable blogging.

Today I found something I wanted to share with you: fvwm-crystal. For years I've wanted to use fvwm but I have never had the time to tweak the settings in order to have a good-looking desktop. Today I noticed the Debian package fvwm-crystal which immediately gave me a usable and nice-looking desktop. Unfortunately, the package came with quite a few dependencies.

Anyway, fvwm seems to function very nicely on my 600 MHz iBook. After a few months jumping between framebuffer and openbox, fvwm is a very refreshing window manager.


Gye Greene said...

Ah! Well, explains the lack of postings.

Good luck w/ the business!


Chris Watkins said...

How do you handle networking in fvwm? This is where I've found lightweight wm's like IceWM to be confusing. Though recently I've discovered the tint2 panel, which works with openbox, xfwm4 and I think many other wm's. CrunchBang uses tint2 now.

Then I can run nm-applet in tint2 for networking - not very light, but it's the one method that I know works extremely well.

Glad to find your blog - I'm working on some light linux projects, esp re documenting light Linux options. E.g. see

Mikko said...

I just plugin the network cable and either boot my iBook or sudo ifup /dev/eth0

Stray said...

For a lightweight Linux, try Slitaz. I installed it on an old Thinkpad. It's a PII with 128MB RAM. Runs fine. Networks too.

It has a LiveCD, which I used first. I confirmed it ran okay, browse the web, ssh to other hosts, etc. Then installed from the LiveCD.

I normally run Debian on my boxes at home. It was the first time I tried Slitaz. I liked it. Comes with most apps you need to get going.

Johann Alexander said...

Hey! How does it feel like running your own little business? How do you find clients and business? I'm from Singapore and also a online marketing consultant. Jobs are difficult to come by but it pays the bills...


Mikko said...

Johann: it's cool and profitable, but a couple of months ago I decided to get a full time job at an internet marketing company.

I got most of my clients through networking IRL, only a couple found my professional blog and contacted me because of my internet presence.

I wish you best luck for your consulting business!