Rip CDs on the command line: ripit

I try to use simple command line tools for many tasks that most readers probably accomplish with the default tools provided by GNOME or KDE. Thus I like to listen to the ogg vorbis music files using ogg123 and I rip my CDs using ripit.

Ripit is a command line tool written in Perl. It is a front-end to several other command line tools and provides them an easy to use interface that is as simple as it can be. It can fetch the CD title and track information from CDDB, rip the CD, tag the songs, create a playlist and edit the CDDB information, if necessary. Usually I just accept the defaults provided by the application.

Simple and effective.


Red and White said...

I'm so useless at this stuff. Using Puppy Linux, I unzipped the .bz to a folder, go to that folder and try this:
# make install
bash: make: command not found
# make
bash: make: command not found
# config
bash: config: command not found
# ./make install
bash: ./make: No such file or directory
# ./ make install

Mikko said...

You should probably have the developer tools installed, see

In my experience, the mini distros are not very easy to tweak to personal taste. That's why I prefer to use Debian for my lightweight installations.

lr said...

FYI, abcde ( is another good command line ripper.