twyt for CLI tweets

For a couple of days, I thought I would write some more scripts for using Twitter on command line. After some googling, I discovered there was already a command line twitter client available that would completely satisfy my needs.

Twyt is available as a source package from Andrew Price's home page. Download first the tar.gz package from the download page and unpack it with tar -xvf twyt-0.2.2.tar.gz. Install the package with ./ install.

Twyt is written in Python, so you need to have Python installed, as well. In addition, twyt depends on the python-simplejson. I was able to install it directly from the Ubuntu repositories.

Next, create your Twitter user with:

twyt user -u username -p password

After this, you can tweet with

twyt tweet "#twyt is a nice command line twitter client"

You can read the updates by friends with:

twyt friendstl

More information is provided, of course, by man twyt.


Anonymous said...

In case you missed it, Twyt is also available from the latest Debian and Ubuntu repositories - just install the python-twyt package.


Black Keys said...

I'm using twyt on my small home server (a NSLU2 running Debian Etch) to periodically gather my timeline and DMs, which in turn are presented by a CGI script (written in haserl) in form of a spreadsheet, with clickable links, features to filter for tags and flag users and keywords.
I'm using the SVN version because it contains some useful fixes.
Thanks to Andy Price for twyt itself, and for lots of suggestions!

gtcaz said...

Check out ttytter.