wtf is wtf?

I happened to install last week - quite accidentally - a cool little command line tool I want to share with you today. As I installed the package bsdgames in my antiX box I got quite a few text mode games installed. In addition to the games, wtf was installed in my system.

I'm not quite sure if wtf really is a game. It is a small tool that searches for acronyms and their explanations in a dictionary file. And in case you don't know what the acronym wtf stands for, you can let the tool explain it's name with the command:

wtf is wtf

Now that I have this tool installed in my system, I don't have to remember and google for AFAICR, AYT, CMIIW, FIGJAM and other completely unintelligible acronyms I encounter while reading discussions on different Internet forums.


Mute said...

Hmm, "wtf" is one of the online acronyms that I tend to read as...exactly what it means--automatically substituting the phrase for the acronym. So, it took me a second to realize what you were actually talking about. On the other hand (or OTOH, whatever floats the boat), funny!

Also, what version of bsdgames included this little gem? Or did wtf (the package) come from something else; you say that it was an accident, after all...

Mikko said...

At the moment I'm using antiX that is based on Mepis that is based on Debian. So I suppose it might included also in Ubuntu's bsdgames.

According to apt-cache show bsdgames it is really provided by the package bsdgames.