Change of Layout

I'm sorry for the problems during the last few days. This new layout should have no bandwith limits.

I'm in a new town having just started studying economics and business administration. I hope I'll get a broadband connection soon in order to be able to update this blog more often.

In addition, I need some new (or rather some old) hardware as my iBook thinks we are living in 1904. It is an old computer, but not that old.

My school has, unfortunately, a strict MS only policy. It means I have to learn to use MS Office and use Outlook for my email.


Eric said...

If you're not running OS X on your Mac but instead are running Linux (I'm running Ubuntu on a ThinkPad) then I'd suggest you look into CrossOver Linux to run MS Office. I'm running CrossOver Linux Standard and running MS Office 2007 and it works great!

Mikko said...

No OS X on my Mac, only Debian. :-)

I thought there is no Crossover for PPC architecture, isn't it available only for i386?