Penguin update didn't like Lightweight Linux

Around the 25th of April, Google rolled out the Penguin algorithm update that is supposed to devaluate low quality and spammy links built by search engine optimization companies.

Interestingly this blog dropped 5-6 positions down from the top of the Google results for the search "lightweight linux". This means I get no only 25 % of the daily visitors I used to get until the Penguin update. Of course, the number of daily visitors should not be an end itself.

Most of the links I get to this blog are from other blogs published in Blogspot or and there should not be any grey or black hat manipulative links around.

On the other hand, most of the links use the words Lightweight Linux as the anchor of link. This seems to be the only possible reason for the clear drop in the search engine rankings. It would help a lot to have more variation in the link anchors.

I hope I'll have enough time to write new articles to this blog on a regular basis. Then I might some month or some year gain at least part of the now lost readers back.

And if you think this blog is worth reading or following -- please link to some of my articles in your blog! I would very much appreciate your help!

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