Jumping between operating systems

I was very pleased to find out that I was allowed to make a choice between two operating systems when I started in my new job. Of course, the choice was to be made between OS X and Windows. At the moment, Linux is used only on our development servers.

I have been quite happy with OS X, even if it lacks some of the command line tools I would like to use for getting things done. After installing some additional tools like Aquamacs, the OS X is more than adequate desktop system for an internet marketing consultant. In addition, using a Mac laptop is probably something that my clients expect from a marketing consultant.

At home, I'm mostly using OpenSUSE on my main desktop. This box is probably about 6-7 years old. A year or two ago I upgraded it with a new memory chip. 1 GB seems to be more than enough for my needs.

A week ago I decided to wipe out the Zenwalk from the harddrive of my old eVectra box. I installed Debian stable on it, and now the venerable 1 GHz box serves my as a development server running Wordpress and some other content management systems. It is a lot more convenient to develop small web sites using a dedicated development server than to hack the site either on my desktop or horrribile dictu directly on the server that is live online.

* * *

In the autumn, I hope to be able to finish my studies of economics and finance. Even if the degree is probably not very useful for my current career, one never knows what the my future will be like.

In any case, I want to be ready for as many different possible futures as possible.

Been busy at work

During the last year, I've been slower than ever in creating new content for this blog. First I needed the time for my studies, and since two months I work as SEO and Internet marketing consultant in an online marketing company. Thus I never seem to have enough time for my extracurricular activities.

Today I just wanted to inform you that from now on the blog is optimized also for mobile devices. Thus all happy owners of iPhone should be able to read the archives easily :)