Why did I decide to update Debian?

Last night, I somehow decided to update the Debian Lenny I had been using on my 600 MHz iBook for a few years. It was a mistake.

Only after the update and first boot of Wheezy I remembered having encountered severe problems in getting the X running on this old laptop.

After the update I got a bunch of error messages somehow caused by the Wacom drivers installed by default. After removing the xserver-xorg-input-wacom, I was able to boot the box without endless error messages.

But when I gave the magic word startx on the command prompt, I got black screen instead of the ratpoison window manager. Ouch. Again.

It seems I need to go through this Xorg configuration hell once again in 2012. Or should I just uninstall the whole xorg and live on the console and screen? Or should I finally get rid of this lovely white laptop?


Unknown said...

Downgrade your Debian. Keep the laptop :-)

Mikko said...

This time, I was able to solve to problem by adding the line

option "NoAccel"

to the section for r128 in /etc/X11/xorg.xonf.

So I can now keep both the latest Debian and the ca. 11 years old laptop in good use :D

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Paulo said...

I do not recommend upgrading an old mac that is working fine. I've installed mintppc 11 (weezy debian) on my g3 mac and it just can't run! first i had to put a xorg.conf file in the /etc/x11 folder in the linux installation hdd then when i didn't get the black screen because of the config file, i just couldn't work because the processor is always running on 100% and the sistem is slow. going to try ubuntu 10 lts and install xfce or lxde on it for performance...