Backup - Articles and Applications

In this posting, I collect some of the links about backing up a Linux system or at least the /home directory.

The articles and applications mentioned here might be useful for some of my readers - but I wrote this basically to act as a reminder for my own backup project.

Bacula - is a network based open source backup program. Supports many different operating systems.

FreeNAS - is a network attached storage server based on FreeBSD. Good documentation.

Backups to the Future: Eliminate Tape Backups with FreeNAS and Bacula - how to combine FreeNAS and Bacula.

Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync - by Mike Rubel.

Time Machine for every Unix out there.

A simple Linux backup method - Steven J. Rosen in

Automatic Backups with rsync and Anacron - by Barry O'Donovan.

BackupPC -- a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX and MacOSX PCs and laptops to a server's disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain.

Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO
- by Charles Curley

Backing up Linux and other Unix(-like) systems - by Wiebe Cazemier

Geek to Live: Mirror files across systems with rsync - Gina Trapani / Lifehacker

Debian backup configuration tutorials - Debianhelp

Linux Links - Software - Backup. Links to many different backup apps for Linux.

FlyBack - Apple's Time Machine for Linux.

Creating Incremental Snapshot-style Backups With rSync And SSH - Stephan Jau in HowtoForge.

LuckyBackup - LuckyBackup is an application for data back-up and synchronization powered by the rsync tool.

Duplicity - Duplicity backs directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploading them to a remote or local file server.

This article is updated at random intervals. Please suggest more links in the comment box!


anticapitalista said...

Try luckybackup.

Mikko said...

Thanks, I added LuckyBackup to the list!

James said...

Always enjoy your posts. Didn't know if you'd seen duplicity:

It was listed on a rather large list among your links but could be lost in the crowd. Also, another interesting one due to supportable destinations is Brackup:

Mikko said...

James, thank you!

Backup Software said...

What about Backupright? I've heard good things about that...

Mikko said...

Starting at 14.99 USD / month, Backupright seems to be a pretty expensive solution for home users.

Probably most of my readers have old hardware that could be used as a dedicated backup box if one just adds a new hard disk to the box.

In this case, the cost for backups would probably be not more than 1 USD/month.